The content rat race: Being first is imperative

  • May 05 2021
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There are two precise reasons why excellent content loses its impact. The first is when it goes unnoticed. There is simply no point in creating good content if it is not placed in a position to be savoured, enjoyed or absorbed. The second is when it is beaten to the punchline by another piece of information, even if the former is not as beautifully produced or explicit as the latter; particularly when you consider the speed at which content is available and being consumed across age groups today.

As the world becomes smaller and simultaneously more complex, content has had to change and evolve, and fight furiously for engagement from its consumers, thereby encouraging the current trend of superior short-form video content. 

Cutting back to the two issues that render good content ineffective, here’s why overcoming both is important: attention spans are shrinking in proportion to what? Longform content is far from dead, however bite-sized videos and quick key highlights have become an explosive avenue because they offer a quick connection with consumers, high traffic generation for businesses and subsequently large revenue for broadcasters and OTT platforms.
As popular as short-form content has become, it has accelerated the urgency to produce material faster than ever before to hit maximum engagement. The ability of short-form content to capture engagement is easy to convert into potential revenue simply because the creator already has the interest of the reader on a device that he carries with him/her everywhere, aka the smartphone. 

The challenge lies in the intense competition as organisations everywhere compete within the same lucrative space, counting on quicker productions of their content, particularly in the sports, media and entertainment industry. 
This is where comes in to maximise your viewership, and potential cash flow by delivering beautifully designed videos in short formats in real-time.’s highly developed AI and Machine Learning technology helps package and condense content, splicing and editing long-form material in seconds with its rapid production processes. helps organisations compress long-running video footage into short, crisp content that is edited on an analytical model that reads reactions of audiences and helps capture performance in action (example: ball movement during an important cricket match). 
Moreover, instead of spending hours and manpower resources editing , this content is available almost instantly thanks to the OCR, speech detection and vision models that are employed by 
Slicing aside, also offers video editing design options – logo and brand affixations, graphical overlays and insertion of relevant sponsored information, that can all be utilised in seconds to produce professional content for advertising and marketing purposes. 

With the plethora of social media platforms available, one size never fits all. Instead of spending hours resizing video formats,’s tools feature easy and limitless resizing to fit diverse formats across various publishing platforms, be it social, search or apps. Customise live broadcasts and short-form videos to feature on multiple screen sizes instantly across any portal or device.’s ever-evolving technology frees up human resources that should be engaged in more valuable and complex operations for one-on-one consumer engagement and produces material at the fraction of a cost and it does this all in real-time enabling our clients to win the proverbial content rat race.