Technology Solutions

We offer our customers multiple onboarding options which ensure flexibility and minimal disruption to their existing workflows. Our aim is to ensure every enterprise is able to use the technology with ease and increase their content production efficiency.

The meta-data examination has pre-prepared AI models that evaluate comprehensively and in real-time identifying countless objects, places, and activities in live or pre-recorded videos. We make all this possible through three simple solutions: Cloud-Based, API based & On-premise solutions.
  • On Cloud

    Cloud-agnostic video editing technology helps you upload your source video stream directly to our platform for precise real time processing.

  • API

    An API-based model enables us to pre-characterize the set of functions that allow the application to access data and interact with external software components creating a 2-way dialogue.

  • On Premises

    Deploy our solution on-prem with ease and minimal disruption. Your content stays on your server and we will customise to your exact requirements.