Vinayak Shrivastav

Vinayak spearheads business, strategic growth, Investor relations, and makes sure that the roadmap of the organization is aligned with the vision. Vinayak has worked as a Venture Capitalist steering high growth start-ups towards profitability previously.

Saket Dandotia

Saket is the Operational brains of Videoverse and works with a data-first approach to ensure we remain ahead of the tech rat race and deliver above our client’s expectations. Saket helps form the bridge between tech and market. He is focused on harnessing AI-powered disruption in the media space.

Alok Patil

Alok is the technology expert and loves to take on a good challenge. Alok believes that the purpose of technology is to modernize human efforts and the world would greatly benefit from technology enabled solutions. He likes to think of himself as a lifelong learner and is always keen to experiment with new ideas and encourages his team to do the same.