Seize Monetization Opportunities to Create New Value for Your Video Content

The rapid growth in the demand and consumption of video content for enterprise, sports, media, entertainment, and gaming has created fresh opportunities for organizations to attract new customers, deliver personalized content, and garner high engagement. Business leaders tasked with content delivery need to seize these opportunities to create new value for an increasing number of viewers of live and on-demand videos. 

Let’s look at a phased approach that brings out the unique attributes of video content to take advantage of the increased viewership:

Leveraging metadata as the foundation of content monetization

The latest research from Juniper shows that the total market value of digital content will reach $432 billion by 2026, representing a growth of 105% over the next 5 years. Moreover, content owners are increasingly looking for ways to modernize both existing and new video content to attract new users to their platforms.

To make sense of this mountain of video data, metadata becomes incredibly important. A strong metadata foundation can power centralized searches, helping find relevant content across multiple streams. If an asset can be easily found, it can be reused and repurposed in different ways to deliver tailored content for end customers. In addition, metadata provides a structured reference that allows for the right placement of ad content in your video streams, thereby increasing the visibility and ROI of the sponsor.

Increasing revenue streams with more personalized content

With an increasing focus on content personalization, the industry leaders are grappling with questions such as “How do I maximize engagement from long-form video content?” or “How do I publish in real-time or faster than others to attract new users?” 

For any sports or media platform, the ability to create a 360° fan engagement, using more tailored or theme-based content and channels, can be a key differentiation to create new value. AI-led personalization works on all these factors and helps in reducing the costs of customer acquisition, offering customized recommendations of relevant content, and increasing average user content consumption, thereby increasing engagement and LTV. The ability to personalize new and old content and share it across all platforms in real-time using AI generates a far higher ROI than doing it manually.     

Analysing which key moments garner maximum attention

In the current era of exploding video content, understanding the user experience and being able to capitalize on that understanding will be key to creating new value. Using certain parameters, organizations can create short-form video content from any perspective and test which key moments garner maximum viewership. This analysis helps content owners evaluate and refine the messaging and storytelling to support new subscriber growth and retention. 

It’s time to get more out of your content, stay tuned for our next blog post!