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Web Stories
Create Google Web Stories out of your live or archived video content automatically
Ingest your content stream
Magnifi supports multiple file formats. The platform is designed to identify the context of the content & map it across the broadcast in your desired feed format
Generate meta-tags
Magnifi's AI detects people, objects, events, and key moments and generates the meta tags in the injested video stream by taking cues from sports mechanics, observing crowd responses, and using activity recognition to determine key moments and highlights in less than 60 seconds
Auto-create short-form videos in near-real time
Once the meta-tags are generated, Magnifi creates multiple short form videos & segments them based on various tags.
Auto-Resize video to 9:16 keeping the key object continuously tracked
Using Magnifi's Auto-Flip technology we were able to then resize each short clip into 9:16 format while using our ball tracking AI models to ensure the ball is always at the center ofthe frame.
Auto Publish on Google Web Stories
The 'auto-flipped' video is then inserted in a pre-defined custom template & automatically published on Google Web Stories
Web Stories Benefits
Drive 5x Higher Engagement
Drive new engagement for sponsored content through episodic and easily updatable formats
Spark Audience Interaction
Encourage viewer participation through tappable and interactive web stories, enabling high conversion by allowing users to quickly switch to the live stream or a page with a single tap
Monetise Your Content With Ads
Drive revenue by placing clickable ads that re-directs to your website or app
Case Study
The powerplay of a landmark cricket event, Google Web Stories and Magnifi’s automated storytelling to drive fan engagement

A marquee event in the cricketing calendar that brings together the best talent from across the globe. Players are auctioned to the highest bidder to form competitive teams who battle it out for the trophy over 70+ games

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