The power of short-form content

  • Aug 17 2021
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The beauty of video lies in its ability to show your consumers what you’re selling along with being able to tell a story about it. When you can showcase your product and story in 30 seconds or less (which is what 49% of videos are), you’re bound to gain consumers faster across every online platform. If we’re really awarding titles, content has now adopted the role of the queen dowager. Short-form video content is the new monarch and shows no signs of abdicating its throne anytime soon. 

No longer just a ‘GenZ’ trend, short-form video content, both consumption and production, has snowballed into a thriving industry that consumes at least 20% of anybody’s day, aided by its ubiquitous tools  – the smartphone, and social media.  

Here’s why: short-form video content is like a tasty bite-sized snack –  it is straightforward, it is easy to consume, and you can help yourself to several bites without feeling like you’ve spent too much time, yes even on ads. This is why sitcoms generate more leverage than movies or encourage ‘binge-watching’. it is also why stories – all of 10 seconds long video content – have quickly gained traction to be promoted as ad campaigns on social media platforms.

This evolution of how content is being created to be consumed in a matter of seconds is already being explored by marketers who have had to switch their tactics from one-size-fits-all advertising to adjusting video format to different OTT and social media platforms. (in equal measure for B2B and B2C consumers).
Short-form video content production has created a sense of urgency: the first to market is the first to win. However, the early bird (the content creator) only gets the proverbial worm (maximum user engagement) if the early bird’s footage is a)beautifully edited b)in real-time

Example: Well-produced key highlights released in real-time of a vital ongoing football match won’t just appeal to the devout fan base of a sports channel, they help reel in a potential audience who appreciates good content, notices key branding, and relevant sponsored information and wants to stay atop of important events. Such consumers are more likely to revisit, giving the channel a chance to market its moniker and those affiliated with it. 
Here’s where the marketing adage holds true: high-quality content helps bring in new customers while maintaining existing loyalty. And repeat customers are the driving force behind any company’s monetary success. An attractive side serving of brand loyalty from valued content only spurs potential monetization and builds loyal brand advocates.

How Toch Amplify makes this come to life:
Toch AI has developed state-of-the-art Machine Learning and AI technology that helps your organisation drive maximum user engagement with seamlessly designed content. Instead of spending hours on manual editing, offers video editing and design options that produce professionally rendered video layouts in real-time with easy logo affixations and relevant sponsored information. Insert slates, add graphical overlays, basically edit your short-form videos to showcase your brand on the fly and share it across 30+ social platforms in real-time.  
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