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Amplify your outreach and visibility on social and digital platforms by creating customized videos from your live and archived content

Drive subscriber growth and fan engagement

  • Auto-create unlimited key moments and highlights in real-time and share your content on 30+ platforms.
  • Deliver maximum engagement in peak season and retain your key audience during off-season.
Customize as per fan requirements
  • Create blended highlights across games/series/players at the click of a button.
  • Auto-resize your videos and add customizations such as logos, bumpers and sponsor overlays in real time.
Case Study

Discover Magnifi's Impact on Champions League

During the 2020-2021 season, Magnifi’s partnership with a broadcasting platform accelerated content creation by analyzing real-time footage. The result? Rapid production of captivating highlights, outpacing traditional methods. Witness the power of Magnifi as it amplifies the Champions League experience across various platforms.

Case Study
The powerplay of a landmark cricket event, Google Web Stories and Magnifi’s automated storytelling to drive fan engagement

A marquee event in the cricketing calendar that brings together the best talent from across the globe. Players are auctioned to the highest bidder to form competitive teams who battle it out for the trophy over 70+ games

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