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If you are a content owner, right holder, broadcaster, or technology leader then our product will add immense value to your business
Sports Broadcaster

Supercharge Fan Engagement & Viewership with Real-time Highlight Generation

Tag significant moments from sports video content & generate highlights automatically in real-time. Auto-resize clips & publish them directly on digital channels. Detect over 1000+ pre-defined moments across multiple sports, and custom those moments based on your requirements.
Enrich your Content Library with Quick & Personalized Content
Auto detect players, key moments, brand logos, and generate micro content automatically & use them to create personalized content for entities like players, brands and publish them on any digital platform. All of this happens on the cloud so no special software or tool is required.
College Sports

Enable College Athletes to Monetize their Content

Create content libraries for players by meta-tagging each player moments, automatically and real-time. Access sports content quickly and monetize it further. Colleges & universities can use this content to increase their reach globally.
Analyse & Monitor Content Performance with AI
Generate meta tags like actors, characters, emotions, objects. Use the tags for content moderation, creating trailers. Analyse how your shows are performing by using the viewership data with the generated content meta data. Create and share clips on social media to gratify fans and increase your channel's reach and subscription.

Create & Publish News Summary in Real Time

Publish news clips to your audience in near real time so that they never miss out on any info. Use Magnifi to automatically create news summary using video stream & publish the short form video content on social media and other digital channels.
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