Celebrating Series A

In the past year and a half the whole global economy has seen a tumultuous shift without anyone still sure of what the new normal is. However, unlike many business models tech and Saas companies were able to gyre out of the whirlwind. In 2016, a few years before the world even knew it would be struck by a virus that would bring it to a complete halt, three young guys got together to seed the idea of Toch.ai. A few crucial pivots later today we have a robust organisation that we are proud of.

Over the past year we were able to garner values during this pandemic shift, seaming the crevices of video editing, especially when viewership was at its peak, time was a vantage and novelty was yet to be hawked.
Sophisticated technology has helped Toch.ai to acquire and capture a massive unattended market that needs to increase interaction, drive engagements and grow business at minimal cost and low risk. It has been successful in appeasing a whole genre of broadcasters, OTT platforms, media platforms and creators enabling them to cater to the progressive demands of both the spectators and the contenders.

We are encouraging businesses to reimagine their enterprise with right dynamic video content. Our ultramodern technology has been owned by popular broadcasters, streaming partners, media platforms and some eminent sports teams to showcase their video content in real time, being labour efficient while managing risks. Our next voyage is towards building a biome of video accessories that will redefine itself as a quintessential SaaS company.

Today, we are excited to announce our Series A funding round of $11.75 million and are thankful to have on board investors and mentors from Moneta Ventures, Baring Private Equity India, Binny Bansal, Saikiran Krishnamurthy, Ventureast, 9 Unicorns, Anthill Ventures, Cathexis Ventures, SOSV, Artesian and Innoven Capital.
These funds will be plied to augment and supplement research, technology, infrastructure and venture proliferation with a keen focus on global markets.

In the coming years we foresee a huge surge in quality video content and technology based on AI and Ml. With the right partnerships we would be able to penetrate various other digital landscapes across the globe.
While the future is still open to interpretation, we are at the cusp of something exciting and ground-breaking. Our confidence in our product and our team will guide us and lead us to greater heights.
But today, we take pause and raise our glasses to this milestone and many more to come.