How we amplified Champions League across platforms

Broadcasters will interact with fans as never before thanks to AI creativity and hyper-personalized user interfaces. Consider the manual labour required by broadcasters to assemble ten-minute recaps of the thousands of live sporting events that occur every day around the world add to this complexity what the human eye misses making the process sub-optimal. It’s difficult to catch every single play, pass, goal, foul, or offside and this is where AI comes to the rescue. Highlights are the fastest growing segment of video, whether in sports, movies, or television, with the business video industry estimated to reach nearly USD 20 billion by 2023. Media developers will use artificial intelligence (AI) to process huge volumes of video and data in order to capture some of the burgeoning demand. In the 2020-2021 season of the Champions league, Magnifi with a broadcasting platform helped build and publish small-form content pieces containing highlights at a much faster speed than a production crew could, by analysing hours of content in real-time. Delivering a highlight kit in 15 minutes without any human intervention led to cost savings of 80%. 

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