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Automated Sports Highlights

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Drive higher engagement by automating end-to-end workflow from creating personalized highlights to publishing them on any platform in real-time
Magnifi, the flagship enterprise solution offered by VideoVerse, is an AI-driven platform that enables content owners and rights-holders to extract highlights and key moments from enterprise video content and auto-produce social-ready clips in real time. Magnifi, with offices in the US, UK, Europe, Israel, and India, works with enterprises across numerous industries – OTT players, broadcasters, sports clubs and leagues, marketing agencies, e-gaming platforms, schools, colleges, and more.
Increase in viewers’ time spent on videos
Increase in viewers’ engagement rates
Total Hours of Videos Processed
Faster Content Creation
Digital Highlight Pro

Auto-create key moments in real time

Our automated deep learning technology meta-tags the video based on your pre-defined parameters like goal in football, boundary in Cricket or an emotional moment in entertainment to generate snippets that are auto-resized for social platforms
Content Moderation
Easily tag and detect sensitive scenes in your video
Our API-based fully automated AI & ML solution detects and tags sensitive and explicit content in your videos helping you to deliver content that adheres to the compliance guidelines.

Resize video content to support different screen sizes

Our API-based fully automated AI & ML solution detects and tags sensitive and explicit content in your videos helping you to deliver content that adheres to the compliance guidelines.

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Magnifi is an excellent video editing tool for video editors both novices and professionals. It is designed in a way that is savvy and does not need any prior experience to create professional-looking videos. Magnifi has a host of features such as instant mode, preset templates, and auto beat sync, that make the video-making process simple and straightforward. Additionally, the tool offers plenty of features and effects, that are user-friendly and automates the workflow.

Yes!!! The entire process is automatic without the need for prior experience. Magnifi is almost as accurate as human comprehension, but it surpasses it in terms of speed, scalability, and automation

Our cloud-based platform provides scalable intelligence solutions for the Sports, Media, and Entertainment, E-Gaming industries through automation. We provide pre-built API integration to handle large workloads with ease, along with a user-friendly tool that allows you to see how the platform functions.

Our platform allows for the automatic generation and sharing of significant moments and highlights in almost real-time, for recorded or live content, on various digital platforms. Our goal is to enable all users to tell more engaging stories using their content. We are striving to transform the way short-form video content is produced, shared, and consumed by facilitating the creation and distribution of powerful and immersive stories across all digital platforms with ease and efficiency, benefiting both individuals and businesses.

Our video editing solution, based on artificial intelligence technology, can automatically compile your video without any manual effort. It can handle various tasks, such as splitting, merging, cutting, taking cues from sports mechanics, crowd responses, and using activity responses to find the key moment in less than a minute.

By producing personalized highlights in real-time and distributing them on any desired platform, you can increase viewer engagement and revenue from your video content. It is a perfect choice for Sports content creators to grow their ROI

Auto-create using our algorithm sharing it across your favorite platform. Our auto-resizing technology is simple to use and enables you to instantly optimize your content formats for various screens and platforms in real time. Distribute your fresh content assets to over 30 social media platforms or your own website or application. Easily generate blended highlights for games, series, or players with just one click. Convert horizontal or landscape content into mobile-friendly vertical aspect ratios instantly using our auto-flip feature. Our platform also supports 360-degree fan engagement by allowing you to create customized or theme-based content and channels

Maximize the worth of your content by utilizing our platform to add introductory and concluding bumpers, along with informative overlays and graphics, to your videos. With our tappable and interactive web stories, you can promote viewer participation, boosting conversions by providing a single-tap option to the live stream or relevant pages. Generate new revenue streams quickly by incorporating sponsor messages and brand overlays with just a few clicks.

To improve compliance and efficiency, our platform can identify and label sensitive or explicit material within your videos Upload your content feed onto our platform, and our AI technology, Magnifi, scans and identifies any sensitive or explicit content in your desired format. APIalgorithm Magnifi's dashboard Magnifi's dashboard takes the video content and divides it into frames, which are then subjected to machine learning algorithms for further processing. Our system uses image recognition and detection methods to analyze the content and identify potentially sensitive aspects such as nudity, smoking, and drinking. Additionally, it employs activity detection to recognize significant highlights. Magnifi's AI generates two-way actionable outputs: detect the content only or detect and blur the content. Automatically publish the clips to multiple digital channels with just one click. This ensures that your content is free from any potential biases

Yes, Magnifi allows you to automatically create Google Web Stories from your live or archived video content.

Magnifi supports multiple file formats. Generate meta-tags. Auto-create short-form videos in near-real time. Auto-Resize video to 9:16 keeping the key object continuously tracked. Auto Publish on Google Web Stories.